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Study by Oceana Says One-Third of Fish is Mislabeled

A study by Oceana indicates a substantial portion of fish is mislabeled. Their suggestion: establish relationships with your fish vendor. At C’ville CSF, we support local fish farmers in southern Virginia, who come to the Farmers’ Market to meet you directly and guarantee the quality – and labeling – of our fish.

For more information on the study, the New York Times offers a helpful video and article.  Here’s a link directly to Oceana.


Cville CSF Co-Founders on Panel for Leviathan at Virginia Film Festival

Please join us for the screening of Leviathan at the Virginia Film Festival this Sunday, November 4, at 5:00.  Jack and Doug will be on the panel following the film with Steve Macko and Michael Pace from the University of Virginia, where we will discuss the film, the current fishing industry, and solutions for sustainable seafood and oceans.  Please find more information here.

Cville CSF Catfish Available at the Local!

Our catfish was featured at the Local on April 7 and will be available again this weekend!  Please look for a delicious recipe prepared by chef Matthew Hart!

No More Edible Fish by 2050?

Kate Cowell of U.Va. Today has written an article on the U.Va. Food Collaborative Film Panel we joined Wednesday, February 22, 2012.  We were joined by Environmental Sciences professor Steve Macko and moderator Carla Jones for a discussion on the film “The End of the Line.”  We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the students and public who joined us, who were very informed and invested in finding sustainable solutions to decreasing global fisheries.  Thanks to everyone who came!  You can find the article on U.Va. Today’s website here.

Cville CSF Organizers on Panel for U.Va. Food Collaborative Film Series

The organizers of Cville CSF, Jack Cochran and Doug Dickerson, will be panelists for the U.Va. Food Collaborative Film Screening of “End of the Line.”  Please join us Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 7:00 for an excellent film on the state of the world’s fisheries, as well as commentary by Professors Paul Freedman and Steve Macko.  In addition to Whole Foods and the Great Harvest Bread Company, the CSF will be providing samples for the event – our trout that will be prepared by the Local!  Please contact us with any questions about the event.

Associated Press Picks Up Daily Progress Article on Charlottesville CSF

Ted Strong’s article on the Charlottesville CSF (January 9, 2011) has been picked up by the Associated Press, and was featured Wednesday in several newspapers: the Chicago Tribune, the Hartford Courant (Connecticut), the Daily Press (Newport News/Hampton Roads), the Los Angeles Times, and various outlets of USA Today.  Our express thanks to Mr. Strong for his excellent article!

To access the various repostings, please follow these links: Chicago Tribune, Hartford Courant, Daily Press, USA Today via Newsleader (January 12, 2011), and Los Angeles Times (January 16, 2011).

Strong, UVa Grad Students Hoping to Start Fishery for Charlottesville Area (via Chicago Tribune)

Charlottesville CSF Featured in Daily Progress

Ted Strong has written an article featuring the Charlottesville CSF for The Daily Progress, included in this past Sunday’s edition (January 9, 2011).  It features input from Professor Timothy Beatley, our teacher for the class from which the project emerged, who helps situate the CSF in the context of the local food movement.  The online version of the article can be found here, posted a day earlier, and a PDF of the print version here.