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Summer Shares Now Available!

Summer shares for Cville CSF are now available!  As with our inaugural season, we are offering shares of channel catfish, rainbow trout, and freshwater prawns (shrimp), as well as a package that features all three kinds and one that alternates between catfish and trout.  Please see our brochure below for more information.  Our pickup dates are June 25, July 9 and 23, August 6 and 20, and September 3.

Please refer to our Shares and Delivery page here to order online.  If you would like to order by check, please print off our order form here and bring it to the Charlottesville City Market on June 11 or 25 – or mail it to Jack Cochran, 1300 Wertland St., No. 5, Charlottesville, VA 22903.


Member Ken Nagakui Uses Small Pottery Kiln to Smoke Rainbow Trout

Shareholder Ken Nagakui has shared pictures of his small pottery kiln, which he has also used to smoke rainbow trout!  Ken, originally from Japan and now residing near downtown Charlottesville, has been making pottery for about ten years and teaches in Charlottesville.

He sent us this: “In regular pottery firing, the kiln can go up to 2,300 F or greater, but in trout smoking it is sufficient to fire around 160 F.   I smoked the trout for about 1-1/2 hours to stay around this temperature, and at 220 F for about 15 min. at the end. The fuel woods I used were hickory, dried branches with bark.  Some suggest that using bark gives better flavor, but I haven’t tried that yet.  Because I fire pottery, I have temperature monitoring equipment (pyrometer) that gives good control for maintaining the necessary temperature.  You may notice my hand-built bamboo racks, too.”  You can find images of the kiln and smoked trout below.

He has also provided a link to the recipe he used, which can be found here.  He has also mentioned that he would be happy to meet with anyone who is interested in learning how to smoke trout – or even how to build a kiln of their own!

We’d love to hear how everyone else has been preparing their fish, as well!  Please contact Jack at jec7df(at)