Based on the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model, community-supported fisheries (CSFs) facilitate the pre-payment by customers for a share of the fish harvest of select local fishermen.  CSF members pick up pre-ordered quantities of fish directly from fishermen, providing consumers with fresh, local seafood and providing local fisheries with a guaranteed market.  In the process, the C’ville CSF helps establish a connection between consumers and fishermen, supports small-scale farming, and limits the travel distance of food from farm to plate.

Our model is simple!  All you need to do is place an order online or via check to C’ville CSF and meet us at the Farmers’ Market in Charlottesville each week to pick up your fish, delivered from local farms by the farmers themselves!  We have channel catfish, rainbow trout, and freshwater prawns available, and expect to have hybrid striped bass available next year.  Shareholders can order any mix of the fish they would like through our “shares” tab above.  Our most popular option is the Mix Plate, which provides one pound of fish each week and alternates between species each week!  We also have made available orders of only catfish, only trout, or only prawns for those who have a particular preference – and we are now offering shares for all weeks of our season as well as one-time purchases for those who would like to try out our fish for the first time!

Welcome to a different way of buying fish.  Go Fresh, Local, Sustainable, Healthy.  Go CSF.


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